why the magnicfent Tigers are getting such a bad rap


imageTigers, oh how I love these magnicfent beasts but why are they get such a bad rap?

In the 1929 silent documentary Chang and in the 1942 version of The Jungle Book¬†(where Shere Khan was a principal “villain”)¬†they called them a word that started with the letter “B” and rhymes with “wooly”. God how I hate that word & it’s unfair calling them that derogatory name! They also called them “man eaters”which was also unfair because of people settling into thier territory and of course the tigers have to eat no matter if it’s deer,monkey or human.

Yes it is time we recognize the tiger as a respected member to the Animal Kingdom

Tigers range from South Asia and in Eurasia (the Siberian Tiger) and are the most beautiful members of the Big Cat family.

Even thought they received this negativity, Tigers are used as mascot for pro and college teams,advertisements mascots, as the mascot for the 1988 Summer Olympics in the Chinese Zodiac and in comic strips and in cartoons such as Tigger and Cool Cat.

So it is time to give the tiger the respect they deserved.